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AHSAA SEPT. 2018 NEWSLETTER (Click Logo above to view)

Mike  Hardin

Mike Hardin

Horizon Communications, LLC

Phone: (256) 582-7373

 There's alot happening with Guntersville High School Varsity Sports.

Visit each Team's Portal for the latest details.

WELCOME TO HORIZON SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS WEBSITE brings a unique media outlet and revenue sharing program to each High School Sports Team we cover.  

   We not only provide current contentwith updated scores, schedules,rosters,standings, stats, picture galleries and media links, we also offer revenue generating opportunities for each individual sports team through sponsor ad sales.
   These loyal sponsors enable us to promote each sports team and keep you informed daily on what's happening with your favorite team, while generating necessary funds for each team. Funds necessary for each team to thrive financially during this era odf declining school budgets.
   CLICK HERE for  a listing of these loyal community minded sponsors and learn more about their business products and services. and our High School Sports Teams encourage you to thoughtfully consider doing business with the companies supporting our High School Sports.

    For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, click the link below or contact:

Mike Hardin
Horizon Communications
(256) 582-7373